Expanding Educational Opportunity

The Senate Education Committee votes to approve the ESA bill.

At its core, school choice is about improving education and supporting families in educating their children. The Pennsylvania Senate is currently considering legislation to expand educational opportunities for students across the state.

Specifically, Senate Bill 2 would create state-funded, flexible, spending accounts for individual students. Parents could use the funds to pay for Department of Education-approved educational expenses such as non-public school tuition, higher education tuition, textbooks and curriculum, testing and industry certifications. Unused funds would roll over from one year to the next, and unspent ESA dollars could even be used to pay for college.

This is a plan to empower children with educational opportunity, especially those who currently attend the lowest-performing public schools in the Commonwealth.

“These are the children that have no other option,” said the bill’s author, Sen. John DiSanto (R-Dauphin).

Ensuring students receive the education that is right for them is vital to Pennsylvania’s future, which helps us all in every corner of the state. A good education helps children grow up to be good citizens. Growing as many good citizens as we can will help ensure a better and brighter future for all of us. Citizens who care about Pennsylvania’s future should support school choice.

Tell Pennsylvania Senators to vote YES on the education savings account plan!





Article source: http://www.pacatholic.org/expanding-educational-opportunity/

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