School Choice and Pro-Life Bills Advance

st until April 15th of the following year.  Such a change would help people who do not know how much taxable liability they have until they start preparing their tax returns the following year.
While the House was approving these school choice measures, the Senate gave formal approval on Third Read to three pro-life bills this week.
These bills would propose to do the following: 1) prohibit government entities in Arizona from offering abortion coverage in the insurance plans of their employees (SB 1305); 2) ban research that results in the destruction of human embryos (SB 1307); and 3) outlaw the sale of human eggs for the purposes of human cloning (SB 1306).
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The House of Representatives gave preliminary approval to three positive school choice measures yesterday. 
Included among these bills were measures to increase transparency and accountability with both the individual (HB 2664) and corporate (HB 2663) tuition tax credits.  Additionally, another slight improvement was made with the individual credit by indexing the maximum allowable credit so that it increases with inflation.
As if these bills were not enough, the third school choice bill to get preliminary approval yesterday (HB 2496) would extend the deadline for making contributions to the individual tuition tax credit from December 31