State’s Catholic Bishops Issue Guidance on Charitable Giving

North Dakota’s Roman Catholic bishops are asking Catholics to make charitable giving decisions consistent with Catholic teaching.  “Catholics are compelled by the Gospel to responsibly promote the protection of human life, families, and the common good,” according to the statement.  “At the same time, we urge attentiveness to the possibility of endorsing an organization whose mission or affiliation may be morally objectionable or, at least, questionable.”
statement notes that “Catholic entities should consider whether the mission and activities of the organization are consistent with Catholic teaching, particularly as it pertains to human life and marriage” and that “Church facilities should not be used to promote, endorse, or fundraise for such organizations if their policies are contrary to Church teaching.”
statement by Bishop Paul A. Zipfel, of Bismarck and Bishop Samuel J. Aquila, of Fargo was released on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of a traditional period of charitable giving in the Catholic Church.
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