Iowa Catholic Conference newsletter

You know you're in the second half of the legislative session when the department appropriations bills start to be introduced. House File 645 is the education appropriations bill. Interestingly, for the first time in my recollection it seems that the two parties will each bring out separate appropriations bills for each department. The House version of the bill keeps textbook funding for Catholic school children at the same level. We will be working for an increase. We still have several issues "in play" at the capitol and action alerts are available with sample messages to legislators. Watch our Action Center for further developments and alerts. Current alerts include:
  • House File 576 - prevents government from subsidizing insurance for abortion
  • Senate File 388 - Regulation of payday loans
  • Support increase in Earned Income Tax Credit
  • House Joint Resolution 6 - Marriage amendment
  • House File 5 - Abortion prohibition/fetal pain

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