Under SB 1070, all local police officers would be required to investigate the immigration status of anyone with whom they make "legitimate contact" and have a "reasonable suspicion" that they may be present in the country unlawfully.  Under such a policy, victims of crimes and witnesses are much less likely to report crimes because of a legitimate fear that they will be deported.
Other areas of concern with SB 1070 include language that may compel law enforcement agencies to ignore more pressing criminal matters in favor of doing a much larger amount of immigration enforcement.  Local police are facing potential budget cuts and need discretion as to how to best focus their efforts in protecting the public.
Finally, it is worth noting that SB 1070 creates a crime of trespass for all undocumented immigrants.  A second trespass offense is then elevated to a felony.  Many undocumented immigrants were brought to this country at a very early age and are here through no fault of their own.  SB 1070 will treat these people as criminals, even if they have committed no other crime.
For the reasons above, and others, please take a minute to respectfully ask your Senator to vote no on SB 1070 by following the "Take Action" link and then following the very easy instructions.
SB 1070 is a problematic anti-immigrant bill that will soon reach the floor of the Arizona Senate.  While finding meaningful solutions to immigration issues is not easy, there are some efforts that may unintentionally have a negative impact on public safety.  Such is the case with SB 1070.