WCC Issues Action Alert on Health Care Reform

The WCC this week issued an Action Alert on the federal health care legislation now moving through Congress. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and other pro-life groups are very concerned that the health care proposals being considered in both houses would mandate abortion coverage and weaken existing conscience protections. The USCCB Pro-Life Secretariat yesterday issued the following update:

"The health care debate has reached a critical stage in Congress. The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) committee has approved a bill, after defeating a number of pro-life amendments. But, this bill is waiting for the Senate Finance Committee to complete work on the aspects of reform over which it has jurisdiction so the bills can be combined. The Finance Committee is trying to produce a bipartisan bill that addresses key criticisms of the Democratic-only bills moving forward thus far.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has interrupted the markup of a House "tri-committee" bill to see what can be worked out on a number of key issues that are blocking broader support for the legislation, including pro-life concerns. Two other House committees passed the bill earlier this week, but it is Energy and Commerce that has jurisdiction over the parts of the bill where pro-life concerns are most pertinent. If these concerns are not worked out by consensus among Energy and Commerce committee members we will soon be writing to the committee specifically supporting amendments to address them."

Update readers are urged to call or email their federal legislators through the WCC Action Alert, asking them to support health care reform that truly respects the life and dignity of all human beings.