Big Week for Catholic Schools

Big Week for Catholic Schools

The Catholic Schools Rally was a huge success at the Capitol yesterday.  Despite predictions of rain, the weather was perfect and the large crowd of Catholic students, teachers, and parents were treated to a great day of fun and learning. 
The rally was not the only thing happening at the Capitol this week, however, as movement occurred on some very positive pieces of legislation relating to school choice.  In particular, the Senate Education Committee yesterday approved legislation that would allow donors to wait until April 15

th of the following year to make their tuition tax credit contributions.
Additionally, it was announced that two important bills relating to tuition tax credits (HB 2663 and HB 2664) will be heard in the House Ways and Means Committee next Monday at 2:00 p.m..  Both of these bills are meaningful efforts that will improve an already beneficial tax credit program by providing additional transparency and accountability.   HB 2664 also would increase the tuition tax credit limits to $750 for individuals and $1,500 for married couples.
Other positive news came this week when the House Health and Human Services Committee approved a measure (HB 2148) that would provide a preference for married couples in public adoptions.  A similar measure failed to pass in the Senate a few years ago, but there is more optimism for this year's bill.
Finally, there was not much movement on immigration bills this week, but SB 1070 is an anti-immigrant measure that may make it to the Senate Floor next week.  There are many concerns with SB 1070, including the fact that it likely would deter crime victims and witnesses from coming forward out of a fear of being reported to immigration authorities.  The bill also creates a felony trespass crime for those who are merely present in the country unlawfully.
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