Down to the Wire

th of the following year (SB 1274) and receive a tax credit for the prior year. 
This new law will greatly help people who are unsure of how much taxable liability they have until they start working on their taxes.  At a time when overall contributions are declining due to the poor economy, this bill should provide much needed assistance that will enable needy children to attend the school that best fits their needs.
When the legislative session is finally over and Governor Brewer has acted on all the bills on her desk we will put out a final wrap-up.  In the meantime, we are grateful for your support and prayers on all of these matters.
The Arizona Legislature is in what appears to be the final days of the legislative session.  With the finish line in sight, we would like to thank all of the people who have taken time to write their elected officials on matters of importance to the Arizona Catholic Conference (ACC).  Your support is greatly appreciated.
The passage last week of SB 1070 was certainly a disappointment.  Your e-mails and continued advocacy, however, were greatly appreciated and actually helped to make some improvements to a problematic bill.
While the ACC is disappointed that SB 1070 was passed and signed into law, we are also grateful for some huge legislative victories that were recently won as well.
In particular, Arizona is now the first state in the nation to opt out of the federal health care plan with regard to abortion coverage in our new health care exchange.  The ACC was instrumental in making sure this amendment was drafted and adopted onto another bill that was initiated by the Center for Arizona Policy prohibiting governments from offering abortion insurance coverage to their employees (SB 1305).
More very good news also came late yesterday when Governor Brewer signed into law legislation that will allow people to make contributions to school tuition organizations until April 15