Aug 2010

Lansing Update

2009–2010, 2010–2011 State Budget Update. Continue reading…

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“Mimicking Arizona as Michigan Burns”

The Detroit Free Press on May 17 opined against proposed Michigan immigration legislation similar to that which passed in Arizona recently. Continue reading…

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August Capitol Comments: Truth: A Light unto our Path and a Guide in our Actions as Advocates

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My alma mater, an illustrious public university in Texas, has the following inscription on the front of its main building: "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free."

In case you didn't know (I didn't - my mom pointed it out to me), this is a quote from Jesus (John 8:32). At first I wondered, "How can a public university get away with putting a quote from Jesus on the front of such a prominent building on campus?" But I soon answered it myself: Because it speaks the truth. Regardless of how you felt about the speaker, Jesus, you could not deny the truth in his statement - it reverberated and was affirmed in the very law written on all hearts.

Catholic Conference Marks Completion of First Phase of Religious Liberty Campaign, Will Continue Push for Constitutional Amendment

This week concluded the first phase of the campaign to place a Religious Liberty Restoration Amendment on the North Dakota ballot.  In just a few short months, North Dakota citizens collected over 85% of the required number of signatures.  The response to the call to protect religious liberty in North Dakota has been tremendous.  People from all walks of life and faith traditions signed the petitions and collected signatures.  We are especially inspired by the large number of young adults who enthusiastically supported the cause.  We extend our appreciation to the hundreds of North Dakotans who collected signatures, as well the hundreds of churches and community organizations that helped with this effort.

In the months ahead, the North Dakota Catholic Conference will work with the North Dakota Family Alliance, civic leaders, and people of all faiths and political persuasions to gather the remaining number of signatures.  We look forward to then redirecting our efforts to sharing the importance of securing religious liberty for all and the need for a Religious Liberty Restoration Amendment in North Dakota.  

Following the lead of the federal government and a majority of the states, the Religious Liberty Restoration Amendment would restore protection for religious liberty to its traditional level, providing a sensible balance between the rights of individuals and legitimate government interests.  As Catholics, we are dedicated to protecting the religious rights of all persons.  As North Dakotans, we are committed to enacting a Religious Liberty Restoration Amendment.

August 3 Primary Results from the Michigan Department of State

Returns for the office of Governor, State Senate and House of Representative districts, as well as judicial seats may be found here. Continue reading…

Iowa Catholic Conference Newsletter

July 30, 2010
Iowa Catholic Conference Newsletter