Third Annual Midwest Catholic Conference Education Meeting

The Third Annual Midwest Catholic Conference Education Meeting took place July 9-10, 2009 at the Michigan Catholic Conference offices in Lansing, Michigan.  In attendance were 23 participants, presenters and guests who discussed a wide range of topics including early childhood learning, charter schools, parental choice in education, special education and marketing strategies. Representing the Minnesota Catholic Conference was Pete Noll, Education Director. Catapult Learning, Mindstreams/A+ Educators, ACE Consulting at the University of Notre Dame and The Friedman Foundation sponsored events and provided participants with valuable updates on services and programs.
Anthony Picarello, USCCB General Counsel participated in the meeting via videoconference and provided information on recent court cases of interest to attendees.
The Friedman Foundation highlighted its promotion of school choice in general terms before focusing on the recent success of a tax scholarship program in Indiana.
The first such meeting was hosted by the Minnesota Catholic Conference in December 2006.  A planning committee has been formed to organize the summer 2010 meeting.