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The Minnesota Catholic Conference (MCC) has worked for many years on expanding school choice options for parents regardless of where they fit on the economic strata by trying to promote legislation at the state capitol that helps remove barriers to school choice. 
House File 273, which provides enrollment options for students in persistently low-performing schools, will be heard this week in two House Education Committees at the state legislature. MCC supports this bill because it provides private school scholarship assistance to low-income students who are enrolled in persistently low-performing public schools. This bill helps remove barriers and increase opportunity, quality and achievement in K-12 education by providing options to low-income families who otherwise have very limited educational options.
Likewise, this measure offers alternative solutions for helping solve the distressing achievement gap for disadvantaged children.  As a just society, it is a moral imperative to provide educational options to children when they are not experiencing success in a persistently low-performing school.  Catholic Social Teaching instructs us that access to quality education is a basic right for all people.  This education scholarship legislation would create options for the poor by providing more choices for parents whose incomes might otherwise leave them with few options for choosing the educational program that best suits their family’s needs and values.  At its core, this bill addresses a social justice issue and empowers parents, as the primary educators of their children, to choose the school that best fits the needs of each of their children.
We urge you to take immediate action! To contact the key members of the House Education Reform and Education Finance Committees, fill out the email message below!  Follow this link to read a summary of HF 273… .
Thank you, in advance, for being an advocate for children with limited educational options!
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