What's Happening

Both chambers must finish working on all the bills, and vote on each of them, before next Friday.  Friday is “crossover,” when all the bills passed by one chamber move over to the other chamber. In North Dakota every bill gets a discussion and floor vote (in the Senate, every amendment also gets a separate debate and vote.) That means that legislators will spend much of next week on the floor discussing and voting on all the remaining bills.
The appropriation committees will meet during the breaks from the floor session. (Some might have the view that the floor sessions occur during the appropriation committee breaks.)  Of particular interest is SB 2012, the Department of Human Services budget.  This budget impacts the least among us and determines how well our hospitals, nursing homes, charities, and service agencies can care for those in need.  Pray for guidance for the Senate Appropriations Committee.
Although Monday is Presidents’ Day and a legal holiday for the state, the legislature will be in session.
There are three bills and one resolution still needing action from you.  Be sure to contact your legislator.  Check the NDCC site for the latest news on these measures.
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