Statement from the North Dakota Catholic Conference on Passage of Pro-life Bills

Christopher Dodson, Executive Director of the North Dakota Catholic Conference issued the following statement on today’s passage of two pro-life bills in the North Dakota House of Representatives:
The North Dakota Catholic Conference applauds the state House of Representatives for overwhelmingly passing two pro-life pieces of legislation.  By a vote of 68 to 25 the House passed both House Bill 1297 and House Bill 1450.
House Bill 1297 is the Abortion Enforcement Enhancement Act. It updates, strengthens, and clarifies existing laws restricting abortion and protecting a woman’s right to know.
House Bill 1450 is the Defense of Human Life Act. It provides legal protection to human embryos created through in vitro fertilization.  Contrary to some claims, it would not ban in vitro fertilization or contraception.
These two bills put North Dakota in a stronger position to progressively protect all human life and the well-being of women facing unexpected pregnancies.  The North Dakota Catholic Conference urges the state Senate pass both bills.
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